Skate something new!

downward sloped ramp that speeds you to a 4 stair. its fun spot to skate and theres no bust. so hit it up

Five and a half foot drop from sidewalk to parking lot. You've gotta hit this. I've not been kicked out and you'll probably have better luck than me.

10 stair, pretty famous, dont get run over when you land!

Grass gap with no curb perfect run up and landing is black top

Cool ditch, park next to the pools and walk on the sidewalk around the lake. You'll see it.

banks, waxed up median, tall rails

This is right next to the football field good tall spot long run (30ft) long landing(30ft) smooth ground and you've got 20 minutes or so till kickout.

Two manual pads, one with a street as run up, and the other with the other as run up. haha, the latter is shown in the attached video. Skate on Sundays only. Cops, they...


decent sized 6 set. its got good run up and perfect landing. theres no security in this area so your golden