Skate something new!

this ledge is caked out!! slides like butter, starts out at about shin height and you can ride it out til about hip height at the end. theres no security and its also li...

Bio sci stairs are perfect, even better the most mellow rail ever its mid thigh high and you can pretty much kill the damn thing. you'll get kicked out if schools in ses...

rugged ass bank to ledge spot.or take it ledge to bank, takes a little extra muscle to work a grind through this one. ledge is about knee high. no bust

Switch Crook this

It's a flat gap about 5 to 10 feet in lengh not sure about the exact lengh though.

A nice sized ledge, real fun to skate no kick out

This set is great right next to this fountain so it'd fun to film at. 50+ feet of smooth fun but does go out into the street so be careful. Kickout after 30 minutes.

Banks to knee high ledges that span the entire block. Cement in front of the banks is a little sketch.

A small little manual pad with a wee bit of personality, due primarily to the yellow pillars. Fun to skate and even though it's small it looks good.

The dock is skateable in multiple ways and a blast to rip just mellow landings and smooth ground all over. Skate after five or get the boot